Empowering health. Revealing joy.

Are you worried about your health? Has a health provider suggested that you need to lose some weight or be more active?

Do you want to exercise, but you don't know how--or does it hurt when you move?

Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Do you get caught in spirals of self-defeating thoughts or self-destructive behaviors?


You deserve to be happy and healthy. To feel grounded and confident. To have every day of the rest of your life be healthier and happier than the day before.

Evolition provides an effective, holistic method for making health changes that stick. We start with the understanding that we are integrated beings, and that, to get healthier, both the body and the mind need support. With the science that demonstrates how many of our physical and mental health challenges can be healed or improved with lifestyle. With compassion for the difficulty and complexity of our lives, and of truly making successful changes.

Come give change a try. Especially if you've failed before. Especially if you have a bad back/knee/elbow. Especially if you're discouraged . . . but still have a glimmer of hope, a dream of a richer, more abundant life alive in you.

Let's get healthier together! Your road to health and happiness begins here.