It’s a bodymind!
Evolition’s holistic approach to lifestyle change

Change is hard. 

Breaking habits and patterns that have developed slowly over the course of your life can be an almost monumental task.  It is so easy to get lost in the weeds of this eating program or that exercise philosophy, to jump in too fast or get overwhelmed and then run back into the arms of those familiar, comforting habits.  That’s why Evolition’s model is supportive.  The work is gentle, safe, accessible.  Done in small groups with other people like you.  Action rather than coaching, done together.

Change is a process. 

When one element of your internal system changes, other things may need to shift to support the process.  Making time to exercise and look more deeply at yourself may mean that there is less time to do other things.  Addressing self-sabotage may threaten a dynamic in your friendships that you didn’t anticipate.  Because of this domino effect, it’s important to approach changing your lifestyle thoughtfully.  One step at a time, and then respond to that which unfolds in its wake.  You’re more likely to be successful if your changes are incremental rather than sweeping and sudden.


Your change can be successful. 

You’ll be surprised how quickly your body changes when you invest this time and effort in yourself.  Cardiovascular system improvements, strength improvements, and mood improvements are all consistent outcomes of regular exercise.  But Evolition is more than that—we address your whole bodymind.  Alongside developing your physical fitness, Evolition helps you develop skills and awareness to support your new lifestyle in the long term.  Skills to empower you to recognize your old habits and climb back ouf of them. Awareness so you can recognize what you need.