Exercise. experience. Evolve.


Health and happiness are utterly within your grasp. An easeful, confident life spent in a strong, capable body that moves in ways that bring you joy. 

Evolition asks you to commit to making a change for yourself, be ready to work hard, and enjoy what comes of it. 

Evolition offers a variety of opportunities to work toward greater health and ease of being.  Fitness and Hatha Yoga classes, emphasizing quality movement that strengthens the whole body and supports the joints.  Introspective classes drawing on teachings from across the fields of philosophy, religion, science, and medicine. One-on-one, in small and large groups, women just like you building healthier, happier lives one step at a time.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly the body changes once you get it moving.  And what an effective window into our emotions that work can be.  You’ll get to know yourself better, even those sticky, uncomfortable places that we don’t want to visit.  We’ll do that work respectfully, with an emphasis on building skills to understand ourselves and slowly, gradually change the thought patterns that hold us back.  And, little by little, you’ll find your life changing. Your health improving. Your happiness growing.