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The Basics of Natal Astrology

  • Santosha Yoga 5801 West 38th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO, 80212 United States (map)

The position of the planets at the time of your birth provides a unique window into the karma of this lifetime. We can use a map of the planets at the moment of birth—also known as a natal chart—to gain greater insight into our personalities, our key life lessons, where we struggle and where we excel, how make changes, communicate, love . . . It is a key karmic map, an incredible tool for both the insight and detachment necessary for spiritual advancement.

This workshop series provides an overview of the basics of natal astrology, and then applies them to your birth chart specifically. We’ll cover the basics of what an astrological chart means and how to read it, along with the key elements of a chart: the planets, houses, signs, and aspects. Every class will include personalized interpretation of the class’ themes. Between classes, enhance your study with two special Hatha Yoga practices dedicated to certain chakras—the link between the Universe and our own bodies.

Three Sundays, 2-4pm:

June 23, 2019: What Is Your Birth Chart, and Why Is It Important?

In this introductory class, we’ll decode the wheel—making sense of the signs and symbols used in astrology, with an emphasis on the 12 houses and the ascendant (“rising sign”). We’ll also discuss the philosophy of using astrology from the Kriya Yoga lineage and ways to utilize your chart to enhance your practice of svadhyaya (“self-study”).


July 7, 2019: The Signs and Planets: Understanding Your Important Lessons and Proclivities

This class will dive more deeply into the signs and planets, which provide the basic energies and meanings of the natal chart. We’ll look at some basic symbolism and meanings associated with each sign and planet, with special emphasis on the Luminaries: the Sun and Moon. We’ll look at how the planets, signs, and houses interact with one another, and conclude with the lessons that our Luminaries offer us individually in this lifetime.

July 21, 2019: The Energies Driving the Karma: the Key Aspects of Your Natal Chart

The geometric relationships of our planets to one another determines the how the planets express their karmic energies—if they are sat (harmonious) or asat (inharmonious). This afternoon, we’ll look at the major aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, sextile, and trine and how to tell what aspects are in your natal chart. We’ll highlight some of the most powerful aspects in each of our charts, including those indicating the major karmas of this lifetime.

$150 for the series or $65 for each class individually