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The 2019 Strength + Mobility Series

  • Inspiration Fitness Studio 1921 Youngfield Street Golden, CO, 80401 United States (map)

Join Evolition’s Tiffany Bucknam and Total Health Solution’s Dr. Jen Perez for these learn and practice workshops. Learn about common causes of anatomy, alignment, and common causes of pain. Practice that improve mobility and correct unhealthy movement patterns.

1/20 Strength and Mobility for Squats: Glute activation, stabilizing from the ground up, spinal stability while under load, and ankle mobility. A good class for those with knee pain, including arthritis.

3/16 Strength and Mobility for Balance: The human balance system is a complex interaction of many different systems, and it improves with practice. Explore your vestibular and nervous systems and learn exercises to enhance core, glute, and ankle strength—all of which play key roles in balance.

4/13 Roll and Stretch Using Voodoo Floss: In this special version of Inspiration Fitness’ popular self-care series, Tiffany and Dr. Jen dive deep into the use of compression bands for soft tissue recovery. This is a simple and accessible tool that alleviates pain and swelling and can enhance sports performance.

5/18 Strength and Mobility for the Posterior Chain: Our entire back body is linked via muscle and fascia. Tight hamstrings, underactive glutes, and hypertonic pelvic floors all contribute to low back pain. Immobile thoracic (ribcage) spines cause problems up and down the chain. Spend some time learning good movement patterns to support your back body—and open it up so you can move more easily.

7/13 Strength and Mobility for the Core: A deep dive into the muscles that support and stabilize the spine. Learn how to maintain healthy posture in all ranges of motion and why a functional core is not the same as six-pack abs.

9/21 Strength and Mobility for the Shoulders: Shoulders are part of a complex that includes the joint itself, the shoulder blades, and the thoracic spine. Learn how to keep your entire upper back moving and healthy so your shoulders feel good!

11/16 Strength and Mobility for the Hips and Low Back: Pain in the low back and mobility restriction in the hips are common problems. This class focuses on pelvic alignment, flexibility of the upper leg and hip flexors, SI joint stability, and glute strength.

Earlier Event: September 5
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