It’s about relationship

Throughout my Social Work career, no matter what kind of work I was doing, what made my practice successful was always the same thing: my relationships.  Whether I was working with at-risk teenage girls, families facing housing or health crisis, public policy advocacy, community organizing, students, or board members, the quality of connection between myself and those with whom I was working is what made the most successful outcomes.

In that spirit, I’ll share a little about myself and how Evolition came to be.


Several years ago, I came to a place where I could no longer stomach living in the reality of a sick, obese body and spiraling, depressed mind.  I was lucky to have found Yoga during my 20s, but had always interacted with the practice intellectually.  As I prepared to change, I stopped thinking about what I was learning and started doing what I had learned.  I started to work. One foot in front of the other, with the motto

Do some thing every day.

It was that simple.  At least one action, day after day, toward a healthier, happier me.  I found fitness on that road, and had so many wonderful teachers and friends there to cheer me on.  And I worked to know myself ever better, so that I could see why I was soothing myself with food and avoidance, and learn some healthier ways to take care of myself.

It isn’t perfect every day.  It’s a practice, like Evolition is a practice.  Some time ago, a beloved Yoga Teacher of mine asked me what my purpose is and why I wasn’t serving it.  And that’s how Evolition was born.  This practice is not about telling you what I did and how I did it and expecting you to do it, too.  Evolition is about supporting you through your change process.  About finding what works for you, doing it, and making sure you have the skills you need to do it forever. I hope that walking with someone who’s been down this road herself is comforting and uplifting.


Tiffany Bucknam
Master of Social Work, Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance
Principal, Evolition